Greetings from Portland!

My wife and I moved cross-country to Portland, OR in February. We took a while to get settled and explore the city, but now I'm getting back to work.  My Etsy shop is still on vacation, but please email if you're interested in purchasing a piece.

Thanks to all of our supportive family, friends, fans, and customers who made being an artist in Somerville such a great experience!

It's beginning to look at a lot like commerce!

A couple of years ago I had an idea to make a small amplifier and mount it in a cigar box to use with my computer at work.  When I finally got around to building it, I thought it came out great--and a lot of people seemed to agree.  So I built a few more and put them for sale on Etsy.  I listed the first one several weeks ago and it has been steadily gathering admirers. 

Finally, Saturday night someone pulled the trigger and bought it.  Then to my wondrous eyes did appear... another order yesterday.  And another this morning!  I need to find more cigar boxes.

Circuit Board Candle Holder

Solid Walnut base candle holder with a screen made from translucent printed circuit boards.
3 1/2" square base, 4 3/4" (12cm) tall.

Available at my shop on Etsy.


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